get your telemongol on

All right, Bay Area. I'm giving you something to do this weekend and next. This is my semi-weekly reminder about the sketch comedy madness known as TeleMongol. It is coming to San Jose, and it is coming after you! Asian American Theater Company and Contemporary Asian Theater Scene present the powerful Voltron-like collaboration between Lodestone Theatre Ensemble and three of the nation's most renowned Asian American comedy troupes, Cold Tofu, 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors, and OPM. It's a show about the ups and downs of programming of an all-Asian American television network. Nothing is sacred! No one is spared! Best of all, they make fun of Bai Ling (not that that's very hard).

The show runs for two weekends, February 9-11 and 16-18 at Theatre on San Pedro Square in San Jose. And you, my friends, do not have to pay full price. Readers of the website get discounted tickets! When you purchase you tickets at Brown Paper Tickets, enter the password "tmangryasian" and get yourself a few bucks off the ticket price. A few bucks off is better than no bucks off, right? So buy your tickets, go see the show, laugh with Asian people for a change. More info on the show, go here.

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