this guy can sing

People have been emailing me like crazy about this guy Paul Kim of Saratoga, CA, who auditioned and wowed the judges on American Idol last night. No doubt, the guy's got some serious talent. Take a look at the clip. I like how Paul makes it a point to bring up William Hung (the guy set us back years and years), and that he's there to show that there are Asian Americans who can and will represent in music. And damn, the guy can sing. He ain't no William Hung. Idol fansites in the know are speculating that Paul has actually made it to this season's top 24. So who is this guy? Where did he come from? Here's his MySpace, which includes more of his music. His rendition of "Jealous Guy" seriously channels Donny Hathaway. Keep an eye out for this guy... I'm already rooting for him.

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