three weeks in jail for possession... of flour

Remember Janet H. Lee? She's the Bryn Mawr College student who was arrested at Philadelphia International Airport in 2003 after screeners found three condoms filled with white powder in her carry-on and city police said field tests showed that the substances likely contained opium and cocaine. Problem was, the powder was actually flour—a joke stress relief thing—and Janet was wrongly jailed for three weeks on drug charges. She spent three weeks in jail, until further drug testing proved that she was telling the truth all along. The damn stuff was just flour. D'oh. She filed a civil rights case against the city, which was settled last week for $180,000: Student mistakenly held on drug charge settles with Phila.. Okay, really really dumb idea to bring any kind of powder substance on a plane. But man, what a nightmare that must have been. Sorry, Mom. I can't come home for break. I'm in jail for possession. Of flour.

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