where were you, aaron?

So I got all these emails last month from Aaron Ikeda, who has a recurring bit role as "Rex" on Scrubs, telling me about this big Bud Light commercial he shot that was going to run during Super Bowl. It sounds like he basically emailed everyone he knew and ever met in his entire life, telling them to keep an eye out for this Bud Light commercial called "Japanese Restaurant." Well, the Super Bowl came and went, and no commercial, no "Japanese Restaurant," and no Aaron. What happened? Don't know, but Aaron was pretty bummed. However, the spot is now online and available for viewing here. Type in the code "1876," choose your player/speed, and wait for the video to load. Check it out and make Aaron feel better. It's a pretty goofy spot (it's a beer commercial). Was it worth the hype, dude?

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