aaldef files lawsuit against saigon grill

Last week, the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund announced it filed a lawsuit against the restaurant chain Saigon Grill in New York on behalf of 36 former Chinese take-out delivery employees: AALDEF Files Federal Suit against Saigon Grill on Behalf of 36 Delivery Workers for Minimum Wage, Overtime, and Other Labor Violations. According to the suit, Saigon Grill paid the workers less than minimum wage, failed to pay them overtime, required them to buy and maintain their own bikes and scooters, obligated them to reimburse the restaurant for cash taken during a robbery, and forced them to pay "fines" of $20 to $200 from their tips any time they "broke" restaurant rules. In addition to federal and state labor law violations, the suit alleges that restaurant management retaliated against the workers. And now, Saigon Grill is going to pay.

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