good times in boston

I had a great time in Boston this weekend attending the APALSA Conference at Harvard Law School. Thank you to the organizers for inviting me to participate, and thank you to all who attended Saturday morning's panel featuring Eric Hananoki, C.N. Le and myself talking about blogging and APA political activism.

On Saturday afternoon I had the chance to sit down for coffee with Tak Toyoshima, the artist behind the comic strip Secret Asian Man. As I mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, he's signed with United Features Syndicate to publish Secret Asian Man daily, including Sundays. Right now they're in the process of actively selling the strip to papers. That means you could possibly see Secret Asian Man in the funny pages of your local daily paper, right next to Garfield and Marmaduke. If you think you'd like to see that, why not write to your paper's editor requesting Secret Asian Man? Every letter counts. The official launch date is May 7th, just in time for APA Heritage Month. Exciting times for SAM.

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