japanese prime minister denies comfort women

I've decided that this is a deep wound that will never be healed, as long as there are stubborn people like this leading nations... yesterday, Japan's nationalist prime minister Shinzo Abe denied that the country's military forced women into sexual slavery during World War II, backtracking on a landmark 1993 government statement acknowledging these crimes: Japan's Abe: No proof of WWII sex slaves. This is ridiculous. I guess we won't be seeing a formal, unequivocal government apology or reparations any time soon, as many have been pushing for. And I'm sure this does magical wonders for relations been Japan and its neighboring Asian countries: Sex slave denial angers S Korea. Abe has essentially said that there is no proof the so-called "comfort women" were forced into prostitution. This isn't just a refusal to own up to past atrocities—this is flat-out denial. More here: WWII sex slavery issue sparks new debate in Japan. It seems that we will never be able to move forward from this...

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