snow white and the seven shaolin monks

We've heard a few things over the years about plans to retell the Snow White and the Seven Dwarves story as a martial arts movie, directed by the master Yuen Wo-Ping. Snow White and Seven Shaolin Monks. Sounds pretty stupid, but I'll admit, I kind of want to see it. So where's the movie? Jim Hill has quite a few new details about the project, slated for a 2008 release:
Speaking of action-adventure, Walt Disney Pictures is looking to put a martial arts spin on the studio's animated masterpiece, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" with the studio's 2008 release, "Snow and the Seven." This live action feature (Which the studio hopes to shoot on-location in China) is set in the 1880s, when an reluctant English princess suddenly finds herself in need of protection while traveling overseas. And who then comes to her aid? Seven Shaolin monks.

I know, I know. "Snow and the Seven" sounds kind of bizarre. Though -- truth be told -- this production has a pretty amazing pedigree. The film's screenplay has been written by Michael Chabon, the 2001 Pulitzer Prize-winner who also crafted the scripts for "Spider-Man 2" and "Wonder Boys." And for Woo-ping Yuen, the movie's director ... This is the guy who choreographed all of the fight sequences in the "Kill Bill" films as well as the "Matrix" trilogy.

And Yuen ... According to what studio sources have told me, Woo-ping is looking to make "Snow and the Seven" the "Ocean's 11" of martial arts movies. Meaning that Yuen is out to recruit some of the biggest names in martial arts film history to make appearances in this motion picture. Then add to this Chabon's clever concept that each of the Shaolin priests will have at least one trait that will remind viewers of the dwarfs from Disney's 1937 animated version ... And it sounds like "Snow and the Seven" could be one fun flick.
Okay, the premise still sounds pretty dumb. But written by Michael Chabon? Directed by Yuen Wo Ping? Possibly starring the biggest name in martial arts? That sounds like a hell of a movie. (Thanks, Philip)

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