two arrested in racist bus beating

Some follow-up on Marie Martinez, who was beat up last week on a New York bus for looking "Chinese." A 14-year-old girl and 17-year-old boy have been arrested in connection with the beating; GIRL, 14, NABBED IN STUDENT BUS BEATING. Police from the hate crimes task force identified the younger teen after finding her bookbag on the B82 bus on which Martinez was attacked. What about all the others in the pack of kids that punched, kicked and taunted her? And what about the idiot bus driver who witnessed the assault and simply told Martinez (who was wearing her Catholic school uniform) to "go talk to a priest"? This was a hate crime, and that's racist! An online petition is being circulated calling for the MTA and NYPD conduct a full and complete investigation into the incident, as well as disciplinary action to be taken towards the bus driver: Condemn anti-Asian hate crimes and hold MTA accountable!

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