yul kwon supports hr 121

Survivor winner Yul Kwon continues to use his fame towards important causes... In this video, he lends his support to House Resolution 121, introduced by Congressman Mike Honda, calling on Japan to unequivocally apologize and take full responsibility for the enslavement of girls at rape centers ("comfort stations") during World War II: Yul Kwon Supports Resolution Calling on Japan to Apologize. The video features the testimonies of two survivors of tell of their ordeals in harrowing detail. It's pretty difficult to listen to. Learn more about this issue at Support121.org. This Thursday, March 22nd is Support 121 Coalition Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. A group of coalition members will go in teams to meet with House Representatives in their office. They'll give them information about HR 121 and ask them to co-sponsor it. To learn more, go here. This has become more important than ever, since the Japanese government repeated again last week that there is no evidence of sex slavery: Japan Stands by Declaration on 'Comfort Women'

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