arrested for creative writing

More on Allen Lee, that high school kid in Cary, IL who who got arrested for writing a violent, disturbing essay in his creative writing class. His teacher brought it to the attention of the administration, who alerted authorities. Never mind the fact that his writing had no specific threats to anyone or anything... when the Asian kid in your class writes a violent essay, you get him arrested and charged with disorderly conduct: Student writes essay, arrested by police. This kid is a straight-A student, is on the school's wrestling team, has never had history of disciplinary problems, and planned to join the Marines after graduating this year. And now he's possibly facing 30 days in jail and a $1,500 fine. Yes, his essay includes references to blood, booze, drugs, stabbing, shooting and sex with dead bodies. Highly disturing. But this is racial profiling and zero tolerance run amuck. More here: Massacre fallout: Charges for essay. And here: Disturbing essay details revealed

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