fast cars and hot babes

I've been seeing ads for this movie Redline plastered all over MySpace. It sort of came out of nowhere, and stars no one you really care about (Eddie Griffin?) but it's apparently opening in wide release next week. The website doesn't give much indication of what it's about, other than that it clearly involves a lot of hot babes and fast cars, but it has something to do with drivers participating in an illegal drag race between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Yay. So why do I bring this up here? The movie is directed by a cat named Andy Cheng, who appears to have made a living in the industry as a stunt coordinator/fight choreographer for the last ten years or so. He's got one other directorial credit to his name, a movie called End Game. Anyway, Redline looks pretty brainless, and the fact that its marketing has been largely focused on MySpace should tell you something... so you know there's probably an audience out there for it. Incidentally, "Redline" happened to be one of the original working titles for another cars-and-babes movie—The Fast and the Furious.

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