man of a thousand faces

The name James Hong may not immediately ring a bell, but chances are that you've seen this veteran Hollywood actor in something or other during his fifty-plus year career. Maybe it was the classic "Chinese Restaurant" episode of Seinfeld, or as freaky Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China, or as Cassandra's father in Wayne's World 2. He's been around the block, a true Hollywood gangster. How many times have you spotted him in a movie or show and said, "Hey, it's that guy!" So check it out... Man of a Thousand Faces is a new docurama (part documentary, part dramatization) chronicling the life of James Hong, whose career spans nearly 500 films in more than half a century: Dramatika Films Announces Completion of Feature Docudrama 'Man of a Thousand Faces'. The film is slated to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May. I will totally watch this film. Oh, he has an official website here. All hail James Hong.

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