mta bus attack and fallout central

Some follow-up on the racist beating of Marie Martinez while she was riding the bus home from school last month in New York: AA Community Rallies Around 17-Year-Old Teen Beaten on New York MTA Bus. A group of youths attacked her for "looking Chinese," while the bus driver allegedly stood by and did nothing. The incident has rallied members of New York's Asian American community, who are demanding accountability from the MTA and that the NYPD look into the incident as a hate crime. Martinez has now filed a civil lawsuit against the MTA seeking monetary damages and changes to the current MTA policies. The online petition that was started in support of Marie currently has over 3000 signatures: Condemn anti-Asian hate crimes and hold MTA accountable! And this editorial at Philippinenews.com goes as far as calling Marie Our own Rosa Parks. I wouldn't necessarily compare the two situations, aside from the fact that they both ocurred on a bus. But it is extremely important that the community keeps the pressure on, stands up for justice, and does not let this situation just fade away.

By the way, I should mention a great, recently launched website, Fallout Central, "an online space designed to inform, spur dialogue and mobilize Asian Americans against the racism and prejudices facing us in the United States and beyond." They've got sections for news, community alerts, and a highly informative, interesting podcast. I've been enjoying it quite a bit these last few weeks. They've been keeping a close eye on what's being currently being down about Marie Martinez and the MTA: No word from the MTA about the case of Marie Stefanie Martinez.. BUT.. Big props to William and the guys over there...

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