steve byrne in the real wedding crashers

I've been seeing commercials for this new NBC show called The Real Wedding Crashers, a Punk'ed-type prank show where "Crashers" perpetrate nightmare wedding scenarios on unsuspecting wedding-goers. I'm not usually a fan of these kinds of shows, but having been to my share of weddings, this actually looks pretty funny. Best of all, comedian Steve Byrne, who I've mentioned here numerous times, is on the show as one of the Crashers. He is a funny man. NBC has a video clip featuring Steve's audition for the show: Steve and Catherine. Also see Steve's MySpace. The show premieres on April 23rd.

Also, if you're in the Los Angeles area next month, Steve, along with Bobby Lee, Dr. Ken and Kevin Shea are doing a big-ass show next month as the comedy collective known as The Kims of Comedy. Saturday, May 12th at the Wiltern Theatre. Big time. It's going to be a funny night, so make plans, get your tickets and be there. Learn more about the Kims and the show here.

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