why we hate kenneth eng

For those of you who for some reason needed more evidence that Kenneth Eng (author of AsianWeek's infamous "Why I Hate Blacks" column) is a raving asshead lunatic, here's a video of him expressing his take on the Virginia Tech shooting: Kenneth Eng -- Virginia Tech. The guy is seriously asking for a beatdown. Meet the biggest living piece of shit in Asian America, a guy who writes fiction about cyborg technodragons and laughs at school shooting massacres. Somebody put this freak on a watch list.

UPDATE: YouTube has taken down the video due to terms of use violation. Probably because it qualifies as hate speech. When I saw the video, I seriously had the urge to punch him the face through my computer screen. So no more video of Kenneth Eng the Asshead. Instead, do check out this awesome video from Kristina Wong: Re: Kenneth Eng

UPDATE: Kristina has posted a follow-up video, where LX 4000 propositions Kenneth Eng for sweet, sweet Dragon Love: LX 4000 + Kenneth Eng + Dragons= True Love. I can't understand half the stuff she's saying, but it's funny as hell. Rock the kazoo.

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