"aggressive" asian student faces deportation

According to this Bangkok newspaper, a Thai graduate student at Illinois State University who argued about the American constitutional right to own a gun may be deported from the United States later this month after being expelled from university: US move to deport 'aggressive' Thai. Rithichai Yibcharoenporn was expelled from ISU for misbehaviour and his "aggressive manner" towards the campus administration. Police say campus staff were concerned after he made an inquiry last month about his constitutional rights to buy a gun (just three days after the Virginia Tech shooting incident), because the comments were made during a required writing exam and because of his previous claims of having been treated unfairly at the university. Add that up with the fact with the fact that this guy here is Asian, and I'm thinking the administration saw a potential dangerous threat. (They're saying the timing is coincidental.) It's likely now that Rithichai is headed back to Thailand.

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