evil couple kept housekeepers as slaves

This is pretty damn appalling... Federal prosecutors charged Varsha Mahender Sabhnani and Mahender Murlidhar Sabhnani, a wealthy Long Island couple this with keeping two Indonesian domestic workers as virtual prisoners in their home for more than five years under conditions they called "modern-day slavery," beating one severely and paying them very little: Couple Held Two Servants Captive for Years, U.S. Says. The two women, identified in court papers as "Samirah" and "Nona," were forced by the Sabhnanis to work long hours, given little food, forced to sleep on mats on the floor, kept hidden when company came, threatened with violence, and in Samirah's case, frequently beaten by Mrs. Sabhnani. Mrs. Sabhnani was also charged in the papers with having cut Samirah with a knife, burned her with cigarettes and subjected her to a series of tortures, in one instance forcing her to eat many hot chili peppers. It's absolutely insane and disgusting. The worst part is, this kind of thing probably happens a lot more than people truly know. More here: LI housekeepers held as slaves, tortured. That's just evil.

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