the fake stanford student

Just heard this crazy story about girl who attended Stanford University, living in the dorms and attending classes for nearly a year... only she was never actually a Stanford student: IMPOSTER CAUGHT. Azia Kim, an 18-year-old from Orange County, was never actually accepted or enrolled at Stanford, yet did everything your average freshman might do—moved into the dorms during New Student Orientation, bought textbooks, "studied" for exams—pretty much fooling everyone. I don't know how you live in a dorm and foold everyone for that long without a key or university ID, but this crafty girl somehow managed, going as far as sneaking into her room through the window. The ruse went on for eight months, until Monday night, when University staff finally caught on to what was happening. More here: Impostor discovered at Stanford.

You have to wonder what drove her to such lengths. The Stanford article speculates that she felt pressure from overbearing parents to attend Stanford—regardless of whether she was admitted. Lying and deception aside, I gotta say I'm actually kind of impressed. This girl really wanted to go to Stanford. Hell of a con. Makes you think twice about campus safety, doesn't it?

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