the return of asianave

Remember AsianAvenue? Back before Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, and all the other social networking sites, there was AsianAvenue, where Asians came to make friends and test the waters of online community, with lots of young people who wRoTE liKe tHiS. It was simple, rudimentary, and sometimes annoying as hell, but at the height of its popularity, it was the place to be. Well, AsianAvenue was recently reborn and relaunched as the new-and-improved AsianAve.com, aiming to reconnect everybody all over again. I've partnered up with AsianAve for a little promotion—the "What Makes You Angry?" contest, currently over at my AsianAve page. You can win prizes and stuff. I think you can only enter if you're a member... so sign up, meet some people, be my friend. My user name is "angryasianman." (At the moment, I've only got like 9 friends.)

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