the return of rambo

This Asian dude's about to get killed...by John Rambo!

Footage from Sylvester Stallone's upcoming return to the Rambo franchise surfaced on the internet recently, and it's waaaay freaking ridiculous: Gruesome 'Rambo' Trailer Slays on Internet. If you recall, early reports said the story would find Rambo back in Asia, this time protecting the region's Karen people against the sadistic Burmese military. Judging from the new trailer, it looks like pretty much everything we were dreading. Take a look here: First official JOHN RAMBO (Rambo 4) teaser trailer. Basically, it's just Stallone (in bad hair extensions) killing a lot of Asians dudes, every which way. I'm no fan of the real Burmese junta or the bloody, insane stuff they've done... but this is just exploitation. In this three-and-a-half minute clip, we see Rambo chopping a guy's head off, machine gunning a dude at point-blank, ripping out a guy's throat (he was about to rape a white woman), stabbing, shooting, arrowing, burning, exploding and killing kiling killing—lots and lots of faceless, disposable Asian men. It's like Rambo II all over again. Welcome back, John Rambo.

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