the return of the yellow peril

Oh hell no. According to the Hollywood Reporter, there's apparently another film in the works based on everybody's favorite Asian criminal mastermind Fu Manchu, to be shot in Hong Kong and China: The Return Of Dr. "Fu Manchu". Whaaat? Does this movie really need to be made? According to Anant Singh, the plan is to "reinvent Fu Manchu as an anti-hero who fits in with a more socially conscious world and that addresses the very complex multipolar world we all live in today." What the hell does that mean? I'm highly doubtful of this idea. Wasn't the whole point of Sax Rohmer's original character to exploit racist, xenophobic fears and the "yellow peril" stereotype? If you turn that original concept on its head, is it still really Fu Manchu? I'm not trying to defend the integrity of this character—it's racist to the core, and I definitely don't want to see another Fu Manchu flick made. I'm just saying there's only so much re-invention you can do until it's no longer Fu Manchu. If you're gonna do the Fu, you should just go for it and make it as racist as frickin' possible. Why pretend?

My other question: who will play the titular role? In the past, Fu Manchu has notoriously been played by actors like Warner Oland, Boris Karloff, Peter Sellers and Christopher Lee—all white guys rocking the yellowface. So, will they get another white dude to play him? In a twisted way, it would seem appropriate. Brace yourselves.

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