teddy zee is calling for your help

As I've mentioned many times now, the 2007 AZN Asian Excellence Awards air next week, May 28th on AZN Television. The show will be preceded by a one-hour special airing tomorrow night, May 24th, on E! The special is kind of a big deal because it gives national exposure to the Awards, which, frankly, nobody really knows about. Teddy Zee, producer extraordinaire, wants you to watch the show, tell your friends to watch the show, and tell E!, Comcast and your local cable operator that you're going to watch the show:
I am calling on you to help get the word out. E! will air a one hour special on the AXAs on May 24. E! has national reach and is measured by Neilsen ratings. If E!'s ratings see a bump, it will provide a strong argument to Comcast to continue to not only support The Asian Excellence Awards, but also to more aggressively support AZN is providing a voice for Asian Americans.

I truly believe that we are at that make or break moment in time. Please help make a difference. Each of you has a strong credible voice with great reach. Please use that voice to get out the "vote."

People can watch the show, email E!, email Comcast or call their local cable operators and say how important it is to carry programs like the Asian Excellence Awards.

Now is the time before it is too late. The sky is falling...

Thanks for your continued support.

Now I'll admit, the Awards weren't perfect. But Teddy makes a good case for its potential impact, in terms of the future of Asian American television programming. Here's an article he recently wrote for TV Week regarding the growing diversity on television: Diverse Voices: Diversity on TV: That's What Audiences Want

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