yau-man don't need no stinkin' truck

Here's an article on Yau-Man Chan, this season's fan-favorite Survivor: Fiji contestant who came oh-so-close to winning that $1 million prize, but losing it in an ill-fated deal with an untrustworthy competitor: 'Survivor' loss no cause for bitterness. How close did he come to winning? During Sunday's cast reunion finale, host Jeff Probst asked the jurors if they would've voted for Yau in the final three, had Dreamz not reneged on his deal. Based on a show of hands, Yau would've taken home the million. Yau-Man admits, "I made a very expensive mistake." But he bears no hard feelings. And he remains one of the most respected players in the game. Very cool guy.

How cool is Yau-Man Chan? Check out this website: truckforyau.com

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