add another guy to the list

Damn it. Damn it. This is getting ridiculous: Ex-UC Riverside student held in firebomb incidents. A former UC Riverside student was arrested Saturday in connection with a series of on-campus incidents—including the discovery of two homemade firebombs—that led to the cancellation of Friday evening's graduation ceremony. University police arrested 22-year-old Audley Yung for plotting the firebombs, sending officials threatening letters and setting a palm tree on fire. More here: UCR Holds Graduation Under Tight Security. Yung was booked on suspicion of possessing a destructive device, and of committing arson and making terrorist threats. And yes... he is Asian American. I don't want to connect too many dots, but dude, what the hell is up with this trend? Add Audley here to the growing list of violent and disturbed Asian men that have been in the headlines over the last few months. We have a full-fledged stereotype on our hands...

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