al gore's future son-in-law

Okay, I think 20 people emailed me this bit of news today... According to Page Six, Al Gore's future son-in-law is an Asian guy. That's right, my friends. Guess who's coming to dinner? His youngest daughter, Sarah, 28, is getting married next month to Bill Lee, 36:
June 27, 2007 -- HERE'S another reason to think Al Gore won't run for president. His youngest daughter, Sarah, 28, is getting married next month - not in Gore's hometown of Carthage, Tenn., where his base constituency would expect it, but at the Beverly Hills Hotel, stomping ground of the effete elite so detested by red-staters. The groom is Chinese-American businessman Bill Lee, 36, who met Sarah, a medical student at the University of California at San Francisco, in Los Angeles. It's the first trip down the aisle for both.
I wonder why it was necessary to specify the groom as "Chinese-American businessman Bill Lee." I think "businessman Bill Lee" would have sufficed. Does being Chinese American modify or enhance his businessmanliness? Or is it such an oddity that the youngest daughter of the former Vice President would be marrying a Chinese dude that it just had to be mentioned? Talk about inconvenient truth. Because you gotta wonder if they would've specified that information if Bill here was of a different ethnicity... say, Irish American? (No.)

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