charlyne yi and ken jeong in knocked up

Here's a profile on comic/actress Charlyne Yi, who makes her feature film debut as "Jodi" in the comedy Knocked Up, opening in theaters today: Charlyne Yi is sitting pretty. I'm not familiar with her act, but according to the article, she's apparently a pretty hot name on LA's alternative comedy circuit. She sounds like a pretty funny lady. Her small part in Knocked Up is "the stoner girlfriend of an uber-slacker." I have no idea what she is doing in the above photo from the movie (on the right), but it looks funny. [UPDATE: She is really funny in this clip.]

Also in Knocked Up, there's good old Ken Jeong playing Dr. Kuni, delivering the great miracle of life. Here's a hilarious deleted scene featuring Dr. Ken from the movie:

That's right, he said smegma.

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