couple drowns in sinking car

Another heartbreaking story... in Texas, Young Hwan and Sook Yeon Kim drowned last week when they got lost in a rainstorm, took a wrong turn, and drove their car into a river: 911 call reveals frantic plea from sinking car. The couple got lost trying to find a pizza restaurant. When their car hit the water, they attempted call the restaurant's owner, and 911, but they apparently couldn't understand what was wrong:
Mr. Kim also called 911. But the 911 operator couldn't understand what he was saying. A woman, presumably Mrs. Kim, can be heard screaming in the background. The sound of what appears to be rushing water can also be heard.

The operator repeatedly tried to find out what was wrong with the caller and where he was calling from. "What language are you speaking?" she asked. "Are you speaking Chinese or something?"

But the line went dead before she could get any information. The 911 operator tried to call the man back but got voice mail.
That's messed up. MESSED UP. I understand that the Kims' English skills were probably limited, which prevented him from communicating clearly with the 911 operator. But operator demonstrates supreme ignorance and insensitivity when she asks, "Are you speaking Chinese or something?" It's just frustrating. More here: Korean Couple Drown 'Due to Poor English'. And here: Korean couple found dead in U.S. river

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