custom cleaners verdict pending

The latest news on the Roy Pearson vs. Custom Cleaners lawsuit (you know—lost pants, $54 million)... The latest news is there is no latest news, at the moment. According to Manning & Sossamon, the firm representing the Chungs, they're still awaiting a verdict from Judge Bartnoff. At the close of the trial last week, the Judge suggested that her decision would be sent to counsel via email by the close of this week. As soon as they get the verdict, they'll promptly inform the media. I'll be sure to post news here as soon as I get the word. Here's the information I received regarding the press conference, which will be held at Custom Cleaners after the verdict is delivered:
In order to limit media inquiries to them, the Chungs have agreed to do one press conference following the verdict where they will field a limited number of questions from the media. An interpreter will be present to translate. The press conference will either take place the afternoon the verdict is delivered if Judge Bartnoff notifies counsel in the morning, or the following morning if the Judge notifies us in the afternoon. Exact information as to timing will be included in the email with the Judge's decision.

The press conference will take place at Custom Cleaners located at 3174 1/2 Bladensburg Rd, NE, Washington, DC. Because the Chungs are very concerned with returning to their lives and running their dry cleaning business, they will not be available for any additional interviews after the press conference. The Chungs ask that the media kindly respect their privacy.
So they should be hearing from the judge pretty soon. I cannot see how she could possibly rule in favor of Pearson. Either way, I'm sure the Chungs are thankful that this nightmare is finally drawing to a close. They can hopefully put this behind them and move on with their lives. As for Pearson, he can go eat a bag of crap. I hope someone out there finds a ridiculous, frivolous reason to bitchslap him with a $54 million lawsuit.

One thing about this whole ordeal that hasn't been covered much, is that it has dredged up simmering issues of Black/Korean tensions in the D.C. area and beyond. Washington Post blogger Raw Fisher writes about the case, and the related matter of ethnic rivalry: D.C.'s Black-Korean Dynamic: A Simmering Tension

UPDATE: Manning & Sossamon has been informed that the verdict in the Pearson v. Chung matter will be issued either tomorrow afternoon (Friday, June 22, 2007) or on Monday (June 25, 2007) by noon. Stay tuned.

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