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Silly Pipe Dreams has a good interview with comedian/actor Ken Jeong, the funny Asian dude who many of you recently saw as Dr. Kuni in Knocked Up: Ms. Holly Wood, Dr. Ken Will See You Now. He's also one of the hilarious foursome known as the Kims of Comedy.

Lost star Yunjin Kim recently published a memoir, The World is Your Drama, chronicling her struggles and successes on the "rise to Hollywood stardom": 'Lost' Star Finds Success with Hollywood Memoirs. The book's first run of 7,000 copies apparently sold out in one week in Korea.

Censors in China have reportedly cut scenes of Chow Yun-Fat as Captain Sao Feng in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, saying they insult China's people: Chow's "Pirates" Scenes Cut in China. According to a Chinese magazine, "The captain starring Chow is bald, his face heavily scarred, he also wears a long beard and has long nails, images still in line with Hollywood's old tradition of demonizing the Chinese." I never got around to watching the movie (it's not like they really needed my ticket dollars), but it sounds like they were upset with some good ol' fashioned Hollywood yellow peril.

Bad news for all you Rain fans in America. The Korean pop megastar had to postone his U.S. concerts date this month, due to legal troubles over the use of the name "Rain": Singer Rain Postpones US Concerts. Rain Corporation, a music company, filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Rain, his former management agency JYP Entertainment, Ltd. and concert organizer Star M Entertainment over the use of the name "Rain." Looks like Rain's plans for world domination will have to wait. Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert continues his hilarious "feud" with Rain: 06.05.2007 RE: Rain

Speaking of Korean heartthrobs, here's a Los Angeles Times article on Daniel Henney, the American hapa guy who has become an insanely popular actor in South Korea: A most unlikely Seoul sensation. I suppose it doesn't hurt that he's remarkably good-looking.

In the reality TV realm, we've got a few folks representing... on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, 24-year-old Hok is back this season (he couldn't make it through in season two, due to a student visa issue), and has made it into the top twenty finalists. How good of a dancer is he? Watch this YouTube clip. Pretty damn good.

On Bravo's culinary competition series Top Chef 3, there's Hung and Sara N., both vying to prove they've got what it takes to rule the kitchen.

And finally on the other cooking show, Fox's insanely annoying Hell's Kitchen, there's Aaron, a 48-year-old retirement home chef from Palos Verdes, California. He's one of twelve chef wannabes enduring extraordinary verbal abuse from show's jerk head chef, somehow thinking it's worth it for the sake of bad television. If you'e seen the commercials, you know Aaron is kind of a walking disaster. Unfortunately, he'll probably be forever known as the guy who can't stop crying.

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