happy father's day

Happy Father's Day. I got to hang with my pops briefly today, talking about warm weather and the benefits of recent freeway construction near the airport. Our conversations are kind of like that. But it's cool, and it's understood. As I get older, it's becoming clearer to me that I am actually a lot like my dad, in both appearance and demeanor. And I'm beginning to accept that that's not such a bad thing.

Here's a good essay by Sung J. Woo, about his father, that ran in today's edition of the New York Times magazine: Like Father? It's a bit sad, and kind of a downer, but it's well-written, and I have a feel there are a lot of Asian families out there who can relate to it, one way or another.

UPDATE: Here's another sad-but-great dad reflection piece by Michael Ko in the Seattle Times: Remembering Dad

Speaking of Asian American dads, one of my favorite blogs Rice Daddies recently launched the RiceDaddies Empowerment in Diversity Challenge, a new philanthropic initiative to support innovative teachers and diverse students in combatting negative images of Asian Americans and other people of color through Donors Choose, a philanthropic organization that directly connects teachers with donors in the community. To learn more about the challenge and how to give, go here.

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