matsui is back on track

Kazuo Matsui has rebounded from his high-profile "failure" with the New York Mets with a .318 batting average and 12 stolen bases in 32 games for the Colorado Rockies this season: In Colorado, Matsui's Problems Have Vanished Into Thin Air. His Major League debut a few years back was supposed to be a pretty big deal, when he signed a three-year, $20.1 million deal with the Mets. In his first Mets at-bat, he hit a home run. Unfortunately, that would end up being the greatest highlight of his disappointing career with the Mets. Now with Colorado, he's kicking some serous ass for the Rockies. Sounds like he's finally found his stride, and living up to the promise of his potential, without having to deal with all the hype.

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