san francisco supervisor ed jew arrested

Last week in San Francisco, Supervisor Ed Jew surrendered to authorities after the district attorney filed criminal charges against him and issues a warrant for his arrest, saying Jew committed electoral fraud when he lied about where he lives in order to run for office: PERJURY CHARGE HITS SUPERVISOR. District Attorney Kamala Harris said in a written statement that Jew lied under oath and falsified documents when he claimed in candidacy papers that he lived in a house owned by his father in the city's Sunset neighborhood. In all, Jew was charged with nine felonies, including four counts of perjury and one count of filing a false document.

Jew's supporters, however, are crying foul, claiming that the media and City Hall leaders want him out of office because he is Chinese American (the only Asian American on the Board of Supervisors) and politically conservative: Supporters say Ed Jew is victim of racism. Normally, I'd be quick to cry that's racist, I honestly haven't been following this case close enough to know any of the important facts... but it sounds like he's in some big ass trouble. Meanwhile, San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera announced on Monday that he will seek the approval of the state attorney general to file a lawsuit to remove Jew from office: City Attorney moves to remove Ed Jew from office -- seeks permission to sue from AG.

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