saturday night at the movies

Just got back from watching Live Free or Die Hard. I thought it was a solid action flick, not quite as good as the previous three, but worthy of being called Die Hard. Indeed, Maggie Q is in this movie, looking good and kicking ass here and there. However, I wasn't particularly thrilled when John McClane call her character an "Asian hooker bitch." Completely unnecessary. That's racist! Also, because Maggie Q is in this movie, I was subjected to watching the idiotoc godawful trailer for Balls of Fury, which she also stars in. I am seriously dreading the release of this movie.

I gotta say though, I was pretty pleased to see Sung Kang, Christina Chang and Cliff Curtis all with fairly significant roles as government agents working behind the scenes in Live Free or Die Hard. The good guys. It was a nice change of pace... for now. But wait. In August, we've got...

War. The other trailer that played before the movie was for War (formerly "Rogue"), starring Jet Li and Jason Statham. Mark words, this movie is going to be a large pile of crap. Seriously, what is it with Jason Statham and the Asian exploitation movies? Transporter, Crank and now this. Puke. The guy needs to lay off. What kind of Asian stereotype would you like? Triads? Yakuza? Massage whores? Swords? Ninjas? Devon Aoki as a blade-wielding Yakuza boss' daughter? This movie's got it all, and it's baaaaaad. At least a whole mess of Asian Canadian dudes got work for a couple of days as Asian thugs. On the upside, Terry Chen and Sung Kang are in the movie with some fairly decent, non-stereotypical roles. The movie opens in theaters on August 24th.

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