teenage girls charged in bias incident

A few weeks ago in New Jersey, three teenage girls were charged with scrawling a racial slur on the driveway of an Asian American man and smearing his house with ketchup, eggs and white rice: 3 'bored' Wanaque girls charged in bias incident. The guy came home from work to find "[Expletive] You Chinese" written in dish detergent on the driveway of his house. According to police, a cardboard food carton commonly used in Chinese take-outs was placed nearby. And the front steps and garage door were smeared with ketchup, eggs and white rice, with food also scattered around the property. Disgusting.

What did they have against this guy? Why did they perpetrate this hateful (and messy) act? When questioned, they told police they were just plain "bored." That appears to be all the reason you need. They were charged with bias intimidation, criminal mischief and harassment. This is a hate crime, plain and simple. What kind of world do we live in where people will target an Asian guy simply because they have nothing better to do? That's racist! The thing is, this nature of this incident sounds an awful lot like the one last week involving three teenage boys in Michigan. What is the hell is wrong with the youth of America?

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