theatrical release for finishing the game

It looks like director Justin Lin's indie labor of love Finishing the Game has a distributor and a theatrical release date... The movie just popped up on IFC Films' schedule to screen in limited release at the IFC Film Center in New York City starting October 17, 2007, with more dates and cities likely to follow. I think IFC is a pretty good match for the film. It doesn't quite have the reach and muscle of one of the bigger studios, but it has a good indie vibe that'll be able to give Finishing the Game the attention it deserves. When I spoke to Justin a couple of weeks ago, he said he was trying to work out a possible multi-picture arrangement with IFC, which would be hugely beneficial and just plain smart. Distribution is not an easy game.

As for Finishing the Game's next stop on the film festival circuit: Opening Night at the 30th Asian American International Film Festival in New York. The movie doesn't have an official website yet (I suggest keeping an eye on youoffendmeyouoffendmyfamily.com) but it does currently have a very yellow MySpace page.

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