chinese buns not so dirty after all

By now, you've probably heard that the news report on the "cardboard"-stuffed steamed buns in China was completely fabricated, with the reporter now detained by Beijing police: China reporter held over cardboard-in-buns story. The reporter apparently made up the story in order to garner "higher audience ratings." Idiot. Beijing TV has apologized for failing to check the report's authenticity. More here: Beijing TV Reporter Arrested Over Cardboard-Filled Bun Hoax. Don't believe everything you hear about China's food scare. But of course, they keep publishing sensational stories like this: Mmm, rodents! China feasts on rat infestation. No wonder we've got all this hysteria about avoiding all things Chinese. But try as they might, people are finding that rather difficult: My year without 'Made in China'.

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