comedy zen on dvd

Comedy fans... The first season of Comedy Zen, ImaginAsian's stand-up comedy showcase, is now out on DVD. That's cool, because the majority of you out there probably don't have ImaginAsian on your cable or satellite carrier, and probably missed it the first time around. It's over four hours of uncut, uncensored stand-up comedy from some of the best Asian American comics on the scene, including Bobby Lee, Steve Byrne, Ken Jeong, Dat Phan, and Joey Guila (as well as a few random white and black comics thrown in for good measure). Frankly, it's good to see our people firing off jokes for a change, as opposed to being the butt as usual.

For the most part, it's good fun. The show isn't perfect; at some points it looks kind of rough, and the low budget aesthetic is sometimes glaringly obvious. Taped at the David Henry Hwang theater in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo, the cheesy gold faux-Oriental stage backdrop looks like something from a bad chopsocky flick. But I guess that's the appeal of stand-up: all you really need is a funny person, a microphone and an audience. Everything else is just decoration. Here, the comics come up with enough good laughs to make up for the bad ones (and yes, there are more than a few groooaan moments), though it might help to have a few drinks before/while watching the DVD. Also, big points for using a wicked awesome Dengue Fever song for the show's theme. Anyway, if you're a fan of stand-up comedy, and wanna see Asians tell some jokes, pick up the DVD at the usual online locations. Learn more about the show here. Yes, America. Asians can be funny.

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