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The bad things people do...

I remember mentioning this case a while back... 27-year-old Brian Chin, father of a new born baby, was murdered last year in Koreatown. He had been involved in a dispute with a group of young men inside a local nightclub. The fight spilled into a nearby parking lot, where several suspects surrounded, beat, and stabbed Chin. He died from his injuries. Now, police have arrested two suspects in the case, and are looking for a third: Murder Suspect Could Not Elude Long Arms of the Law

In Manhattan, a South Korean businessman has been charged with lying repeatedly to the FBI during a secret four-year counterintelligence investigation into Korean spies operating in New York: South Korean Businessman Is Charged With Lying to the F.B.I.

Last week in Chelsmford, MA, police arrested Sambath Yan, 22, and were searching for another suspect after the armed pair allegedly broke into a house and tied up a husband and wife during a robbery attempt: Chelmsford couple are tied up in 2d robbery attempt at home. While the first suspect fled, young Sambath kicked out a second-floor screen, jumped onto the roof and then into the backyard, where he was arrested at gunpoint. He faces a multitude of charges, including armed assault, kidnapping, and home invasion.

Speaking of home invasion robberies... in Phoenix, a six-year probe into a criminal ring accused of terrorizing the area's Vietnamese community and committing 21 home invasions has resulted in a dozen arrests: Vietnamese Home-Invasion Gang Broken. The twelve suspects have been charged with 39 crimes, including conducting a criminal enterprise, sale of dangerous drugs, sale of marijuana, money laundering and misconduct involving weapons. They were apparently targeting members of the Asian community because their hesitancy to report these crimes to law enforcement.

In Southern California, ten more suspects (and counting) have been arrested in an ongoing federal investigation into a scam involving Asians paying thousands of dollars to immigrate to the United States by entering into phony marriages with U.S. citizens from the area's Vietnamese and Chinese communities: 10 arrested in immigration scam probe. According to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, the suspects apparently posed as spouses in order to petition for green cards for men and women to emigrate from China. Some suspects had petitioned for as many as 10 spouses!

In Washington, Terapon Adhahn pleaded not guilty to numerous criminal charges filed in connection with the 2000 abduction and rape of a Tacoma girl and the repeated rape of a girl who used to lived with him: Child abduction-rape investigation widens. And the list of charges is expected to grow. Earlier this month, Adhahn led police to the body of 12-year-old Zina Linnik, and is expected to be charged with her kidnapping, rape and killing. This is a sick, sick man.

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