eat, run, get arrested

This is great... last month in Minneapolis, two people sat down to eat an expensive, leisurely meal over five hours at Temple Restaurant, a high-end downtown French-Asian restaurant. Late into the meal, when the waiter was bringing out dessert, they snuck out, leaving an unpaid bill of $410.09. Gone! Thieves. But that's not the end of the story. Two hours later, the owner, Thom Pham, walked into the other Asian fusion restaurant he owns and spotted the eat-and-run couple finishing off some expensive drinks after a hearty second dinner. Caught! Pham had a second chance to catch these thieving suckas. They were arrested and charged by police: Hungry pair ate and ran - into owner. Best of all, when Pham confronted them, they tried to flee. But it just so happens that Pham is a former judo instructor. He chased one of them into an alley, forced him to the ground and held him until police arrived. That's justice!

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