hindu prayer makes history... and controversy

A Hindu clergyman, Rajan Zed, made history on Thursday by offering the Senate's morning prayer—the very first Hindu to offer the prayer that opens each day's Senate session. First, however, he had to endure the shouts of protestors in the visitors' gallery, who were removed by police: Senate Prayer Led by Hindu Elicits Protest. Two women and a man, who were shouting idiotic stuff like "this is an abomination," were arrested and charged with disrupting Congress, a misdemeanor. For several days, the Mississippi-based American Family Association has apparently been urging its members to object to the prayer because Zed, who was born India, would be "seeking the invocation of a non-monotheistic god." Suckas. You can see video of Zed's prayer (and hear the protestor's shouts) here.

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