two cops shot in brooklyn

Yesterday, two New York police officers were shot and wounded, one very seriously, while they were making a traffic stop in Brooklyn: 2 Police Officers Shot During Brooklyn Traffic Stop. Officer Russel Timoshenko was reported to be in grave condition with two wounds to the face and with bullets lodged in the back of his skull, while his partner, Officer Herman Yan, was also wounded, but protected by his bullet-resistant vest. Here's a story giving some background on the two officers: Two Men Who Are Faces of a New Force That Has Broken the Old Stereotypes. And here's an article with a gallery of stills from video surveillance footage of the traffic stop, which shows a wounded Officer Yan returning fire at the men in the SUV: COURAGE IN A LINE OF FIRE. Police have made one arrest in the shooting, and are still looking for two others: Arrest Made in Police Shooting; Two Others Sought

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