yao and yi news

Last week, the All-China Sports Federation issued an unprecedented public criticism of Yao Ming for reporting late to national team training: Chinese officials critical of Yao for late arrival at camp. In the Federation-owned newspaper China Sports Daily, Yao was faulted for taking too much time off to recover from his last NBA season, and taking too much time planning his wedding and making appearances for the Special Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. But Yao Ming isn't taking the criticism lightly: Yao Ming Hits Back At "Privileged" Jibes.

Meanwhile, in other basketball news... last week, a Beijing newspaper published a story quoting Chen Haitao, owner of the Guangdong Tigers basketball club, saying Yi Jianlian would "definitely not" sign with the Milwaukee Bucks. However, a team official said it was untrue and the club had not talked with the newspaper: Beijing newspaper stands by Yi story; club says it's false. The Bucks are still hanging on to thopes that they can successfully woo Yi to Milwaukee: Bucks keeping Yi hopes alive

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