alive not dead

Check out Alive Not Dead, launched not too long ago... It's an online artistic community for artists and fans to share their artistic creations (film, lit, music, etc.) and get to know each better. I guess it's kind of like Friendster or MySpace, but for Asian/Asian American artists and fans who want to connect. If you're wondering about the name, AliveNotDead.com originally started as the official website for the fictitious Hong Kong boy band Alive, stars of the Spinal Tap-like mockumentary The Heavenly Kings. The site has since evolved into an online artists' space. Some pretty good information there, so check it out. Right now they're running a contest, where one winner will get a round trip to the Hawaii International Film Festival to catch screenings of Finishing the Game and The Heavenly Kings and hang with the movies' casts and crews, as well as some other cool prizes. More info here.

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