asians dudes, of course, on the pickup artist

A bunch of folks wrote in to tell me about the Asian guy on VH1's new reality show The Pickup Artist, in which a group of "loveable losers" get schooled in the secret to wooing women, and compete for the title of "Master Pick-Up Artist." So of course they had to throw a couple of Asians guys in to the mix, like Pradeep, the 22-year-old researcher/mathematician who is afraid of girls, and Stephen Poon ("Spoon"), the 27-year-old graphic designer with a Star Wars scooter helmet and some serious video game bragging rights ("80,000 honor kills"). Real winners. Unfortunately, Stephen dropped out of the competition in the second episode before I had a chance to check the show out, apparently because he couldn't handle the pressure. It's just as well, I guess. Going on the show is embarrassing enough. Who knows what kind of fool he would've made of himself down the line?

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