caught on youtube: australian priest's racist tirade

I've heard from several folks telling me about this YouTube video, of a priest in Australia flying off the handle and going crazy on some unruly trespassing skateboarders. Basically, the guy loses it and starts screaming all sorts of nasty stuff at the skaters, crossing waaaay over into the sexual and racist. True colors come out. At one point, he points at one of the Asian kids in the group and calls him a "little foreigner" with "seedy eyes" and "black hair." That's racist! Granted, the fisheye video is annoying as hell, and these obnoxious punkass skaters are pretty much harrassing this guy. But there's no reason to go there with the racist remarks. Reverend Monsignor Geoff Baron was apparently placed on leave by church authorities after the video was posted on YouTube: Priest's racist rant posted on YouTube.

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