defamation, my ass

Remember last year, when Power 105 radio host Troi Torain, aka "DJ Star," was fired and arrested? He asked listeners on the air for information about rival DJ Raashaun Casey's 4-year-old daughter, made sexually charged remarks about her, and used racial slurs when talking about Casey's wife. He was charged with child endangerment, though prosecutors eventually dropped the accusations. Amidst all this, City Councilman John Liu spoke out against Torain, calling him a "sick, racist pedophile," and saying he should be "terminated from the face of the earth." Harsh words, but you can't say the guy didn't deserve it.

So what does Troi do? He sues Councilman Liu with a $55 million for damaging his reputation. Idiot. Dude, the only person damaging your reputation is you. Defamation, my ass. Last week, a federal judge cleared Liu of the charges, ruling that most people wouldn't take his comments at face value: Councilman Cleared Of Defamation Charges. More here: COURT SOCKS SHOCK-JOCK SUIT VS. POL. Liu stands by what he said:
"This aside, there is no question that the broadcasts in May 2006 endangered the welfare of children. Although the vile and revolting words were said by Torain, ultimately the accountability rests upon the Clear Channel Corporation. This is a company that sought to hire Torain--in fact, paid him an extended contract worth an astronomical $17 million--to push the envelope and pump up profits at the community's expense, and they must take responsibility for profiting from this hate media. The least the corporation can do is to spend some money supporting organizations dedicated to fighting child predators."
Props to Council Liu, for continually standing up and speaking out where others have stayed quiet. As for Torain, he can eat it. $55 million? Who do you think you are—Roy Pearson? Thank you for your time. Now please kindly shut the hell up. Forever.

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