east west bancorp chairman dominic ng

The Los Angeles Times profiles Dominic Ng, chairman and chief executive of East West Bancorp: Banking on the American dream. You may remember him running up against a bit of controversy a few months ago when East West moved to acquire Desert Community Bank in Victorville, CA. Talk radio host Barb Stanton made some racist, disparaging remarks, calling the acquisition a "dirty little trick, a dirty little game," that would put the bank in the hands of a "foreigner." In no uncertain terms, she drew a line between Ng and folks like herself, "the true Americans." Never mind that Ng is a naturalized American citizen who came to the United States thirty years ago. But as we know, this is the kind of stuff we have to deal with from assclowns like Stanton. Thankfully, she was fired by Clear Channel for her tirade. Anyway, read the profile on Ng here.

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