eve and the fire horse on dvd

Forgot to mention this... Julia Kwan's magnificent film Eve and the Fire Horse was released on DVD a couple of weeks ago. I've said quite a bit about this film over the last year, and I just can't recommend it enough. A critically-acclaimed, award-winning, beloved film on the festival circuit, it deserves a space on your DVD shelf:
The humorous and magical tale of Eve, a precocious nine year old with an overactive imagination. Eve was born in the year of the Fire Horse, notorious among Chinese families for producing the most troublesome children. Her family begins suffering misfortunes when her mom (Vivian Wu of THE JOY LUCK CLUB, THE LAST EMPEROR) goes against superstition and cuts down the apple tree in the back yard. Eve decides only she can save her family, but her vivid imagination often lands her in trouble. After a visit by missionaries, Eve’s 11 year old sister becomes fascinated with Christianity, and drags Eve along with her to Sunday School. Soon the emaciated Jesus finds a place next to the fat, jolly Buddha on the family mantle-piece, and Eve’s confusion grows.

Caught between her authoritative sister's fantasies of sainthood and cultural confusion and her own sense of right and wrong, Eve faces the challenges of childhood with fanciful humor and wide-eyed wonder. Sometimes the most troublesome children are the ones that touch our hearts most deeply.
Special features on the DVD include a director's commentary, deleted scenes, and Julia Kwan's beautiful previou short film Three Sisters on Moon Lake. Good stuff. Learn more about the film here. And purchase the DVD here.

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