federal charges for kenneth eng, freak

Recap: so when last we left the one and only Kenneth Eng, the self-proclaimed "Asian supremacist" was sentenced to counseling for threatening to assault his neighbors. With a hammer. He was then promptly arrested on federal charges. The 23-year-old science fiction writer apparently made threatening phone calls to a NYU classmate a couple of years back, which constitutes transmitting "in interstate commerce a communication containing a threat," according to sworn affidavit from an FBI agent who investigates hate crimes. Basically, because the threats were transmitted over state lines, it's a federal issue. This Village Voice blog entry details some of Eng's hateful actions while at NYU (and beyond), and holy smokes, it's pretty much complete insanity: Kenneth Eng Threatened a 'White Pussy' With Violence. This time, a conviction could mean real jail time. What the hell are you going to do in federal lockup, Kenneth? It's just you and your dragons now. (Thanks CV.)

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